Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now view your analytics for archived questions! Access valuable data without the hassle of restoring archived questions. To access this data simply click the new Analytics buttone and dive into insights instantly!
For more information, view our documentation.
Love adding a question description to your main questions? Now you can do the same for your clarification questions! Unleash your creativity and add context for your customers as they complete your Question Stream.
Seamlessly navigate through your analytics like never before! Say goodbye to the hassle of jumping from question to question via the Question Stream page. Now, with a simple drop-down on the analytics page, cycle through your question data with ease.
It's now even easier to reclassify responses! To speed up the time it takes to clean up your data with Response Reclassification, we've removed an additional click in the process. When you make a reclassification selection, the line will auto-save (no need to click the ☑️ mark!).
For more information, view our documentation.
It's now even easier to navigate through your data with our new date picker preselects! Quickly access your response data with
, get an overview with
, and analyze quarterly trends with
Previous Quarter
Now you can transition into an individual customer view directly from your response analytics! With this feature, it is now easy to explore every purchase and response provided, leveling up your customer understanding.
For more information, view our documentation.
In addition to collecting question responses after online checkout, you can now collect responses in person via Shopify' Point of Sale (POS) app!
We also introduce a new targeting option called Surfaces, allowing you to target specific questions to Shopify Checkout and POS.
For more information, view our documentation.
Now you can see your NPS score calculation directly in your Fairing analytics! NPS time-series is also available to visualize results over time by day, week, and month.
For more information, view our documentation.
We're excited to introduce our new Customer View! Customer View was built to enable you to see an individual customers behavior within Fairing. After clicking or searching for an individual customer, you'll see their entire journey from product purchased to question views and responses.
For more information, view our documentation.
Our User Accounts feature is all about access! When utilizing User Accounts you can access your Fairing account via and no longer have to login via Shopify. If you're a Shopify merchant, you must log-in via Shopify and create a user account prior to logging in via the above link.
User Accounts also lets you invite team members to your account as well as access multiple Fairing accounts.
User Accounts
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